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Kenneth Palmestål



Kenneth Palmestål

Product development

SoundRacer Electric Vehicles Electronic Engine Sound System

AVAS warning sound and enhanced User Experience for electric vehicles.
SoundRacer Car FM Transmitter with super sports car sounds
US patent US 8457323 B2
Sustainable transportation: CabiBUS
A vision for Mobility As A Service MAAS - On Demand - Door2Door - Ridesharing - Electric - Autonomous vehicles with the added key feature Privacy
IQtherm digital thermostat for increased energy conservation and comfort  IQtherm  Popular Science
Patent SW 453 021 1981 - 2001
Janken Minidata, The West Coast Computer Shop
1978 - 1984, Commodore PET, Apple 2, ABC 80, IBM PC

IT-history - PCs before PC, 1966 - 1969 


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