Energy Saving Invention: IQtherm Digital Thermostat

Swedish room temperature controller greatly improves indoor climate.

New IQtherm Digital Thermostat awarded first price in
the Swedish National procurement for control systems for direct electric heating in buildings (1996)

Thermostat design: Jan Hampf   Remote controller design: Kenneth Palmestål

Building on the fact that a house consists of a number of rooms, each of them usually having different usage and heating characteristics, IQTRON in Sweden has developed a patented system with individual room controllers and an easy to use remote controller for the settings. This gives maximum flexibility for the user and together with a lot of built-in automated functions the IQtherm system delivers a real improvement in indoor climate while the energy bill can be substantially reduced.

IQtherm was presented in the well-known Popular Science magazine as " ..the latest smart energy-saving domestic hardware from Sweden". Page1 Page 2

Vattenfall, the Swedish State Power Board, has tested IQtherm in their Electricity Efficiency Laboratory. The results are excellent, IQtherm controls the temperature within 0,5°C and responds to additional heat sources, window openings and program settings as specified, giving lots of opportunities for energy savings.
In Sweden the IQtherm system is a success, more than 40.000 room controllers were sold.
IQTRON AB, Sweden, presented new models with improved design and more functions in 1996.

The new system was awarded first prize in NUTEK technology procurement

[IMAGE]The Remote Controller is redesigned in order to
make the system even more easy to use.

IQtherm EL with 16 Amp TR/p TRIAC unit
for electric baseboard heaters.


Winner of the NUTEK 


IQtherm V for central hot water heating.

IQtherm general features:

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First IQtherm version, IQtherm E.

IQtherm is invented and developed by Kenneth Palmestål. 
Palmestål had to sell the company with substantial economic loss in 1999 after a "Kill the inventor" attac by a wealthy investor in 1998.